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By Ryan Levesque, President Pest Control Marketing Systems

If you’re a pest control executive, manager, or owner/operator looking to acquire more customers, get more revenue from your existing customers, or improve the return you’re getting from your existing marketing efforts, this might be the most valuable website you come across. Here’s why:

I’m sure you’ve heard a story like this before:

About 10 years ago, two childhood friends in their late twenties decided to get into the pest control business. After months of negotiations, they couldn’t agree on their partnership arrangement. So they decided that it would be best for their friendship to part ways on the business venture and go at it on their own in different markets to avoid competing.

So, one friend moved to a different state where he and his wife had always wanted to live.

The other friend stayed in their hometown and begun planning the path to his very own pest control empire.

Both successfully made it into the business and even shared tips and tricks with each other throughout the planning process.

Friends Lose Touch, Each Builds His Own Business…

But, over time they gradually drifted apart and lost touch.

Just this year they ran into each other at an industry event in New York.

They decided to “catch up” over dinner. While enjoying a nice dinner, it became instantly obvious that “friend A” is drastically more successful than “friend B”.

The first friend has grown to a respectable 5 locations and enjoys the comfort of margins high enough to have service managers in place, managing the day-to-day operations. His cash flow is unbelievable and his personal lifestyle is even better. He and his wife live in their dream home and spend their summers at their vacation home in Hawaii. His net worth is well into the 7 figures and – even though he’s quite young – he can retire any day he wants. He’s even been able to donate significant amounts of time and money to his favorite charities.

The second friend has 1 location and he’s still forced to perform service calls himself. Every month it’s a struggle. He’s in a tremendous amount of debt and can’t quite figure out how to hire the right managers and with a few exceptions, keep customers who seem to drop off faster than they can be replaced.

The Mysteries Of Pest Control Success…

How could this be?

They both grew up in the same town.

They both went to the same school and even graduated together.

Why is one so much more successful than the other?

The answer might surprise you. In fact, you might even dismiss it because it’s so simple.

But here it is:

Knowledge and action.

That’s it. It really is.

During the 10 years they spent apart, the first friend gained knowledge that was far better than the other friend. He learned about location and market demand. He learned about building his routes, his team, and his service packages at the right cost. He learned about the world of finance and how to properly finance his expansion. He learned about hiring and putting in place staff incentives and how to find the right managers. And, he learned elite marketing strategies that very few in this industry know about and use.

But, just as importantly, he took action on the knowledge he gained over those years.

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Pest Control Marketing Systems (PCMS) is a unique provider of marketing and advertising information and services exclusively to the pest control industry. We’ve helped companies set revenue records and escape bankruptcy. We’ve helped bigger operators increase the return on their marketing dollars. And, we continue to help owner/operators all over the country dominate their local market with unique marketing and advertising strategies.

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But, they don’t have the time or desire to do it.

That’s where we come in. We are a full-service marketing and advertising agency for the pest control industry. We do everything from logo creation to detailed implementation and tracking of the elite strategies you’ll learn about in our newsletter.

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Otherwise, enjoy the knowledge. Be sure to do something useful with it…

My warmest regards,

Ryan Levesque
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