Marketing Assistant Application

Here’s what the job is all about:

Why This Opportunity?

If you have an interest in marketing, this is a potentially life-changing opportunity because you’ll get to work directly under someone who is considered one of the top direct response marketers in the country. And you’ll also get to play a key role in helping grow a new and exciting start-up company.

(Because I charge $500/hr. for consulting work – in this assistant role, in addition to your day-to-day work, you’ll be able to soak up marketing expertise & knowledge that would normally cost you thousands of dollars to get access to.)

I’m looking for someone who is hungry to learn and work. No divas or primadonnas.

And I’m looking for someone who is not working for another marketing consultant or agency.

Most importantly, I’m looking to bring someone to work by my side my right-hand man or woman for the long-term.

I have high expectations. I’m tough but fair. You’ll be treated well and you’ll be recognized when you do a good job.

In fact, my goal is for you to stay working for me for the next 10-15 years – with opportunities for you to grow and earn more money over time.

Location / Work Environment:

I work out of my office in Georgetown, TX – which is in the suburbs of Austin, TX. This position requires a remote work arrangement. In other words, you’ll be working from home – or from your own office. At a minimum, you’ll need to have a computer, reliable internet access, and a quiet work environment to take and make phone calls to be a fit for this job.


Initially, this is a part-time role starting at 20 hours per week. But this position is designed to grow into a full-time role. Eventually this will be a full-time position for you.

The Pay:

The first week is run as one-week trial. I do this so we can figure out whether it’s going to be a good fit or not. During this week, you’ll be paid $10/hr for your time, which will include your initial training. After the first week, if we decide it’s a good fit, you’ll receive $12 / hour during your first month working for me. After your first month, you’ll be paid $15/hour on-going.

Examples of the Types of Things You’ll be Doing:

Content Management: I need someone who can manage the details of my content marketing strategy. For example, every week, I record 1-3 audios on the topic of marketing.

I need someone who can do the following:

  • Coordinate transcription of each audio (using my transcriptionist)
  • Convert the audio into video (using my video person)
  • Take that transcription, and write a high-quality written article
  • Upload the written article to a blog, format it, and add images
  • Upload the video to YouTube; upload YouTube video to blog post
  • Upload the audio to iTunes as a podcast
  • Re-write / spin original article, submit to article submission service
  • Post the content on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn pages etc.
  • Craft an email message and send marketing tips newsletter

Marketing Assistant / VA Work: You will also be doing administrative work as well, like:

  • Answering the phone – answering client & prospect questions, setting appointments, etc.
  • Managing my email inbox
  • Serving as my “go to person” for coordinating projects
  • Researching / compiling speaking and writing opportunities for me
  • Reaching out to national, state, and local trade groups in the pest control industry
  • Mailing packages & letters to prospective clients
  • Serving as my gatekeeper

These are just a few example of the type of work I need done – you’ll be my goto person for a lot of different tasks.

Here’s How to Apply:
Fill out the form below (all fields are required). I’ll be reviewing all applications over the next week.

Deadline to apply is Friday, February 8th, at 4:59 PM CST.